Spare Parts
In addition to repairs, there is an increasing demand for stock spare articles for direct replacement in the event of unexpected machine failure and production downtime. In addition to its own stock, EMtech has an enormous stock of tested refurbished obsolete products at its disposal thanks to a reliable international partner network. For the most critical products in your production lines, where direct exchange is necessary in the event of an unexpected failure, you have a spare unit on the shelf. The defective unit can then be quickly repaired by us and then placed in the warehouse as a spare unit. In this way, you can keep your current production line operating reliably for years to come without an expensive direct migration to a more modern system.
Innovation – sustainability – ROI
Due to ever-faster innovation, the developments of machine manufacturers and controls are moving at lightning speed. What’s new this year turns out to be old again next year. New products have an increasingly shorter life cycle. Manufacturers are racing to stay ahead in their field, but on the other hand, you have to recoup your investments in machinery over many years. That will not work in a few years. In no time, the latest control electronics products are taken out of production to keep pushing the speed of innovation.
Instead of continuing to invest and converting production lines every few years, a sustainable choice can also be made to let the existing lines run in the same shape for longer, thereby also achieving a much better ROI.
Smart maintenance
An investment in “smart maintenance” is an absolute must! Increase your production time and reduce your downtime. We are happy to advise you all the details specifically for your situation.