Industrial electronics

In this digital age, every production unit uses an enormous amount of electronic control in its production lines. Over time, the supplier often no longer provides service unless you decide to replace the entire control system. A considerable high cost item while the production lines can last for years to come. But downtime from ad hoc outages is a huge risk.

EMtech specializes in supporting large continuous industry through professional quick repairs of control electronics. From a clear insight into your specific production line, we can quickly analyze what exactly went wrong and where the cause of the defect in the electronics can be traced back to. In addition to urgent repairs, EMtech gives you direct advice on which other critical points pose a possible risk to continuity. Many industries have been loyal customers of EMtech for many years and are happy to rely on our service.


Industrial electronics such as frequency inverters, servo drives, soft starters, power supplies, touchscreens, displays, HMI, CNC controllers, Industrial PCs, PLCs, robot electronics, key pads, loose PCBs and servo motors come to us for repair every day. Our Team of professional Research & Repair Engineers with extensive research and measurement equipment can quickly trace defects and repair them professionally. If you have documentation with diagram / drawing and connection data, we would be happy to receive it. EMtech repair time is often 5, maximum 10 working days. In case of emergency, we often repair the same day or within 2 days. We agree fixed volume repair prices for loyal customers who regularly offer the same products.

Test setups

Of course you want to be sure that your repaired industrial electronics are working 100% again. All repairs are tested after repair. For a large number of our relations we have specific custom-made test setups where all repairs are 100% tested. If 100% testing is not possible, we will determine in consultation with you which parts we can test for you. All our repairs come with a 12-month warranty.

Ad Hoc Downtime

For the large continuous industry, it is a must to reduce ad hoc downtime to a minimum. Every malfunction and repair must contribute to the further optimization of the continuous process. Where are the specific critical points in your production lines and how can they be made more and more manageable in the chain? In this way, every initial ad hoc problem contributes as an action point for improvement for the entire production process.

Spare Parts

A manufacturer’s service technician will replace part or even all of the controller in the event of a defect. Once that is done, you can still have the defective part repaired by us, so that you have a spare unit for the future. In addition, repair is often much cheaper than replacement and you therefore make optimal use of the raw materials used.

Industrial Mechanics

In the 80s and 90s many pick & place robots were placed in the industry. The original supplier of these types of robots has long since disappeared. You can contact us for both a mechanical and electronic overhaul of robots. We have had long-term service agreements for this since 2006.

You probably know it: the keys on your keyboard that you use the most no longer work. The enter and spacebar hang or stop responding. Your machine manufacturer will be happy to sell you a completely new keyboard!
Not only keyboards with defective keys, but all kinds of mechanical defects can be resolved professionally and quickly through a repair. Why buy a whole new device if only one part is overloaded?